Why Bosses Need Spy App For Android To Track Their Employees?

Business firms these days are reluctant enough to track their employee’s locations. They want to spy on every activity on business-owned devices. The pandemic has hit worldwide, and employers have to allow their employees to work from home. So, the need for remote work has increased. Business professionals have no choice but to use TheOneSpy spy app on business devices.  It makes sure business safety and to maintain productivity. On the other hand, business security is at stake because of online attacks, scams, and malware. 

The significance of spy app for android

Cellphone spy apps are necessary for business security. Moreover, employers can use the spying app to make sure about productivity and to prevent goldbricking activities. Employees sometimes make the business–owned devices vulnerable to cyber-attacks.  Employees access emails and malicious websites with the consent of employers. Therefore, employers have to use spy app on business cellphones and tablet devices. To avoid, Scams, malware, cyber-attacks, and goldbricking activities of employees, you have to use spying software for android.

What is android spy software?

It is a kind of software that works on Android cellphones and tablet devices. You can install it on business owned phones provided to employees and track every activity. However, you can install it having physical access to the target device. You can use its powerful features to spy on employee android devices to the fullest. The application is pack with dozens of powerful and advanced features. You can use screenshots, screen recorder, keystrokes logger, social media monitoring, and live call recording. Employers can track the live GPS location of employees to keep a check on employees during working hours.

It enables employers to see the live activities of employees on the android screen. Employers can get evidence if employees are involved in inappropriate activities. However, employers can prevent time-wasting activities and monitor conversations between the employees during working hours. 

How to install Android spy app to track employees?

Are you facing cyber-attacks and data breaches from business owned cellphones?   You can use TheOneSpy mobile spy. You can cope up with malware, scams, and phishing attacks. Moreover, you can monitor an employee’s productivity and prevent time-wasting activities. You need to subscribe to android monitoring software.  You will receive a password and ID via email and get access to an android phone and installation. After completing the setup, you can activate it on the target device. Now you can access the online dashboard and visit plenty of features given below.

Use a spy app for Android Features to track employees

There are the following features of the cellphone spy app for android that monitor employees to the fullest.

Live screen recording

Users can use the live screen recorder tool on business phones and record back-to-back short videos of the screen and save them to the dashboard. It enables employers to see sent and received emails, document sharing, conversations, and productivity. Employers can watch the live activities of employees during working hours to avoid online attacks. Further, you can prevent data breaching and time-wasting activities.

Email monitoring

Employers can track the android devices of employees during working hours. You can monitor sent and received emails by using the email monitoring app. Employers can read the content of emails and get to know what it is all about.

Read messages 

Employers can read sent and received messages and text conversations by using the text messages spy app. Users can remotely block text messaging activities if employees are sharing something confidential.

Social media spy

Social media is a wild wizard, and employees are used to using social networks on business devices. You can read messages and conversation logs. Employers can record VoIP calls and sent voice message logs. Social media messenger spy is the best tool to track employee’s social media activities. 

GPS location tracking

Employers can track the GPS location of the target device. It helps out employees to track employee’s location history.  You can track employees while they are working from home during this pandemic. Employers can remotely mark restricted places for employees during working hours. Users can remotely get to know what employees are present at the moment.


Spy software for android is the best tool for an employer that empowers employers to track employees’ business devices to the fullest. 

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