What’s Privacy Policy: Don’t Fall On Or Trust The False Claim Of Whatsapp Privacy

Whatsapp is there in the middle of the storm after the new privacy policy update suggests the further sharing of data with its parent company Facebook. It has also been claimed that the users have to accept these terms and services till February 8th, 2021. In case, it is not accepted the account will be deleted. This change in the privacy policy has sparked out exodus of sorts of applications like Signal, Telegram, and many more.

This new privacy policy update about further data sharing with Facebook but not giving the details user needs has to lead to a lot of false information. Ironically, the Whatsapp application itself is one of the main vectors for disseminating most of the falsehoods. While the privacy policy for Whatsapp can cause some concern especially with Facebook and data sharing but this doesn’t mean that you have to believe everything that is being circulated on and on. Of course, one is very much free to give on Whatsapp if they are not comfortable with the policy. But some of the fake information around the people needs to debunked. 

Here are some of the misinformation regarding Whatsapp that you should focus or believe on. Have a look to gain details.

Does WhatsApp share user messages with Facebook? No, WhatsApp does not share any message of users with Facebook. All the personal chats and data will remain end-to-end encrypted. This means that no third party will still not be able to read your personal things. In simple words, the messages and data will arrive on servers but will not remain over there. It will be deleted again and again. Hence, this is the first misinformation then you should not believe on Whatsapp.

Does Whatsapp share location with Facebook? The locations shared on Whatsapp are being protected between sender and receiver. So, if you share the location with a friend, then the information is not at all transmitted to Facebook. So, don’t believe in this misconception. 

Does WhatsApp own the content or the media files that people share on the application? No, Whatsapp does not keep the media files or the other contents you. All the messages and the data as mentioned above will be end-to-end encrypted. So, don’t you worry about all this as this is just misinformation that people are circulating about Whatsapp?

Hence, this is all that you need to know about WhatsApp’s privacy policy.

Lastly, we need to say that there are only two options left with the WhatsApp users now either stick to this application only or select any other platform for your personal chats and information sharing. However, if you are having any queries or problems regarding the information mentioned here let us know through the comments. We will try to provide more information regarding all this as soon as possible.

Till the time get connected to read more exciting articles like this. #Don’t believe in the misinformation being circulated about Whatsapp.

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