What Features Should You Look For In A 32 Inch LED TV?

LED TVs are getting better and better with each passing day, and many new LED TVs are being launched almost on a daily basis in the market. Today’s TVs come with a long list of features and technical specifications that seem a little hard to grasp, unlike the days of colour TVs. The following guide will make your search for the best LED TV for your home a lot easier. 

Quick LED TV buying tips

  • Don’t buy a TV with less than Full HD resolution (i.e., the resolution should be 1080p or higher).
  • If your budget allows, a Smart TV is favoured, unless you are someone who doesn’t love the world of the internet, games, social network, etc.
  • Look for at least two HDMI ports, so you can connect your set-top box and an external HDMI compatible unit, such as a soundbar, laptop, gaming console or DSLR camera.
  • Most TV speakers are of average quality because the panels are getting thinner, so always plan to invest in a good soundbar or speakers if you want quality audio.
  • It could be a good decision to go for a 32-inch LED TV if you’re looking for a TV for a smaller space. The 32 inch LED tv price in India is roughly between 12,000 to 30,000 INR.

The size factorThe first thing that pops up in your mind when you want to buy an LED TV is the size.

LED TVs are available in various sizes, but which one is better for you depends on three factors:

  1. The size of your room
  2. Viewing distance
  3. The type of content you watch (HD, Full HD, Ultra HD)

The right size of the TV with the right viewing distance is important and should be considered before you make the purchase.


Television screen resolution is another major consideration that needs attention before you get an LED TV.

In India, most DTH providers offer HD and Full HD content to their customers, for which 720 x 1080 pixel resolution is the best option. If you’re planning to watch TV through OTT platforms, then 1440 x 2160 pixel resolution is sufficient. These services offer 4K or UHD content that can be easily managed by high-end LED TVs. But remember that internet access speed is not capable of streaming 4K resolution content in most parts of India.

Type of screen

There are two types of LED screens that are popular in India: edge-lit and back-lit, and most of the television manufacturers use both kinds of screen technology to make LED televisions.

  • In edge-lit TV, the lights are mounted around the edges of the TV, which makes it brighter when you watch TV from the middle. These types of LED TVs use less energy because there are fewer LEDs around the panel. This type of TV model is relatively cheaper when compared to back-lit models.
  • This is the second form of TV technology available in India. Lights are positioned behind the screen in this type of TV. This way, light delivery is consistent and offers better contrast, but the LED TV that uses this technology is more pricey.

Sound Quality

Speaker output has been the direct casualty of slim TVs. Most slim TVs come with dual 10 watts (RMS) speakers which tend to blare on volumes above 70%. If you want a quality audio experience, we recommend you invest in a separate speaker system.

Connection, ports, and connectivity

If you’re planning to connect high-definition sources primarily, look for a TV with at least four HDMI ports — this will be beneficial as you won’t have to adjust the wires while switching devices.

You will need to verify whether the TV has built-in Wi-Fi or supports external Wi-Fi USB networking dongles. This will allow you to link to your home Wi-Fi network and stream audio/video content to your TV. Most smart TVs come with DLNA or Miracast support, which allows you to stream content wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet directly onto your TV.

Follow these key points to make your TV purchase smoother & cost-effective

  •  Check for free shipping.
  •  Always consider checking customer reviews
  •  Check whether return or refund is available
  •  Look for no-cost EMI options
  •  Check whether multiple payment options are available
  •  Look for extended warranty option
  •  Check for free TV installation
  •  Look for exchange offers

Buying television online has become quite easier these days as most TV brands in India sell via online platforms.


Buying an LED TV is a big decision, as you don’t buy a TV every year or every two years like smartphones. Thus, it is necessary to make a calculated decision, by taking the above factors into consideration.

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