Updates Of PS3: Here Is What You Need To Know On The Sony Ps3 Update From 4.80 To 4.8

Sony Playstation 3 is a firmware software and operating system from PS3. This is the type of operating system that uses both Free BSD and Net BSD called CellOS. In simple words, this is the type of software that can easily be downloaded from making the updates directly on PS3. Downloading this update is very much easy as it can be directly done from user’s local PS website or by using a USB to transfer it to the other devices of yours. Therefore, this is the update that was released by Sony on February 14th, 2019. So, if you are interested you can easily update your system software to a PS3 update 4.80 download and 4.84 versions.

However, if you are interested in gaining details on this software or update then you need to look down below. Because this is an article that is going to provide you each and every piece of information regarding this update of PS3. So, let’s proceed further.


New PS3 version 4.84: This is the version that helps in improving system performance.

New PS3 version 4.83: The version that also helps in improving that system performance as like the previous one.

New PS3 version 4.82: Helps in improving the quality and system performance of the device.

New PS3 version 4.81: Helps in doing the same as PS3 version 4.81.

New PS3 version 4.80: Helps in increasing the software performance of your system.

Ergo, it is very much recommended that you should go and download these updates using data other than official data update. You should not at all download or update them on the basis of the steps mentioned on the site. If you are seriously interested in downloading them out then you need to look down at the steps provided by us. Have a look to know.

Sony Playstation 3 system update procedure:

Do not turn off PS3 or remove it from storage media. In the update gets canceled without cancellation, then the software is damaged or not having proper service or exchange. To update it properly you need servicing and exchange. Have a look to learn the steps.

System Update:

  1. First of all, you need to insert the storage menu or USB containing the PlayStation update 4.80 for PS3.
  2. After that go to the home menu, select setting, and start the update. Then press the close button. Now, proceed further by selecting (update via storage media) and press the close button again.
  3. After the above-mentioned steps get completed, the system will directly search for PlayStation 3 4.81 update data saved on the storage media or the USB device.
  4. Now, start updating the PS3 of yours. Press the close button after immediately starting the update. Follow the instructions properly so that update gets complete.
  5. Confirm the update has been successfully done. if the system of yours will see the version number then it is successfully done but if not then you need to do it again.

Software Update Procedure:

  1. Do not close or remove the PS system while update. If the update gets canceled without completing then it gets damaged.
  2. During the update, make sure the power button on the system front and the PS button on the controller are inactive.
  3. Now, insert the storage media and USB device that contains updates. Go to settings, system update, and press the close button then.
  4. Select (update via storage media) and press the close button. Ergo, after all this, the system will itself find the updated data stored on the storage media.

Hence, this is the important set of information you need to know about downloading of PlayStation 3 operating system. If having queries then share with us through comments.

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