Top 4 Tech Trends That Should Be Watched Out In The Year 2021

With the evolution of time, everything is getting advanced and changed. Do you know? Global spending on services like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and many more are going to face the growth of an annual 10.4% to $1.3 trillion by this year. These claims are made after the research of International Data Corporation. However, the wave of investment into technology is slower than 17.9% annual growth last year, but it remains to be one of the brightest spots in the year marked by significant disruptions impacting the business worldwide. 

According to Eileen Smith, the COVID pandemic has wiped off almost $500 billion of global transformation investment between 2020-2023. Despite losses, the pocket of growth opportunities existed across most of the industries when diving into specific use of cases that solve business problems, added Eileen Smith.

If you are interested to know about the tech trends upcoming in 2021, then give a further look at this article. Here is the list of trends that are going to be watched by people in 2021. Let’s start:

Supercomputers inching towards becoming a reality.

US technology companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and many others are competing to be first for bringing supercomputer technology. Supercomputers are going to be far more superior than general-purpose computers and will be typically used for addressing the most demanding problems in the world. They will include help in developing medicine, fighting COVID, oil and gas exploration, etc. In May only, Microsoft announced for building one of the top 5 publicly disclosed supercomputers. Hence, this is going to be the best tech trend in 2021.

Quantum computers to solve complex problems.

Everyone knows that the possibility of quantum computers was proposed in 1982, but in 2012 the first venture was undertaken to explore commercial uses. Capable of performing complex equations in fewer seconds, quantum computers could be the biggest revolutions till now. According to the updates, Google is trying to develop a quantum computer that is going to be 100 million fasters than any conventional computers in labs. Ergo, this is going to be the second-best tech trend in 2021.


Consume appetite for gaming has relatively increased in 2020 just because of the creation of new platforms like Apple’s Arcade and Google’s Stadia. Movement restrictions in 2020 also rose the interest of people, industry experts said this. This to going to raise the global gaming revenue to around $17.9 bn till 2021 end, according to the Newzoo survey. Hence, this increasing interest in the e-gaming platform is also going to reach very high in 2021 and will be regarded as the best tech trend to be watched in 2021.

Biometric payments.

Technologies like biometric payments are evolving the mode of payment and Amazon has made this is a reality in September, where it introduced a payment enabling palm scanner. In this method, the product is going to link characteristics of a person’s palm to an Amazon account. According to reports, around 90% of users are going to have some form of dedicated biometric hardware by the next 4 years enabling payment by phone, facial recognition, thumbprint scan, and many more.

Smart Dubai has said that it is going to use facial biometrics to authenticate transactions in 2021. Hence, this is also going to be the best tech trend in 2021.

Lastly, we just would say that these tech trends are going to change the life of people on a high note. So, just get connected to have regular updates on the upcoming tech trends.

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