The Differences Between Videography Vs. Cinematography: Two Important Services In Singapore

There are so many types of technicians when it comes to photography and videography industries. It is important to understand them all when planning to hire a videographer for your business and corporate photoshoot.

I’m guessing that you’ve searched for videography vs. cinematography and have landed on this page. So, you already know what you’re looking for. 

Before I get into further details, I would like to state that  it is crucial for business owners to understand the difference between videography and cinematography so they end up with the right professional without any complications. There are crucial factors that sets these two apart. 

So, without wasting any further time, let’s see the difference between these two. 

Why is it important to understand the difference?

Hiring the right professional will help you convey the correct brand image and message. It doesn’t matter how impactful your brand is or your marketing strategy is, if you’re not working with the experts, even the greatest of ideas can fail.

To put it simply, the success of your business depends on the people you work with and their expertise play a pivotal role.

In a way both cinematographers and videographers are quite similar since their work involves camera and filming. It means that telling a difference between these two can be challenging for someone who isn’t savvy. 

Cinematographer vs. Videographer in Singapore 

We live in the era of the internet where the information is available at fingertips. It means that not only people associated with media sciences know about videographers and cinematographers, but common people are also media-savvy and demanding. 

It means, whether you’re a videographer Singapore or cinematographer, you need to do something different than the rest to capture their attention and keep their interest going. You need to hit them with something they can relate to emotionally. 

What is a Cinematographer? 

As the name implies, cinematographers are the people who are associated with the film industry, cinema, and movies. They are also known as the directors of photography. 

Cinematographers are usually hired by: 

  • Film houses
  • Movie production houses 

Functional areas, strengths, and roles of a Videographer

The cinematographers are primarily responsible for:

  • Decision making in the technical aspect of films 
  • Taking crucial decisions in the artistic aspect of movies 
  • Define the amount of lighting
  • Define the usage of lenses and cameras 
  • Give directives to everyone in the crew 

What are Videographers? 

As compared to cinematographers, videographers are hired to cover events such as weddings, corporate events, parties, conferences, webinars, and social gatherings. While cinematographers have their  full team on board to get something done, videographers are usually one man army and get everything done on their own – especially the recording part. 

If not alone, they have comparatively small teams and they are mainly responsible for operating the camera. Besides, here are their main jobs: 

  • arrange sound 
  • pick location for shoot 
  • capture every moment 
  • editing and final touches 
  • finish up the video  

Functional areas, strengths, and roles of a Videographer

As mentioned earlier, the main duty of a videographer in Singapore is to capture the events happening at a certain location and turn them into forever memories. They need to be active and focused. While cinematographers pre-plan what will be included in their film, videographers capture spontaneous moments and make them look beautiful and cherishable. 

Videographers have no control on how the event will unfold and how the videos will turn out. They can control a few things on the editing part, but they have no control over natural conditions. 

So, who should you hire for your corporate photoshoot? 

The answer is plain and simple…

It depends upon our budget and needs. Both cinematographers and photographers can get the same thing done but their cost of doing the same job can vary greatly. 

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