Major Benefits Of Augmented Reality (AR)

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The rise of Immersive Technologies has been unprecedented in recent times. Immersive Technology is the assimilation of our physical environment with the virtual content to create a blended reality. Immersive Technology majorly consists of three aspects: Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).

Augmented Reality (or AR) is a technology with the help of which we can superimpose computer-generated digital reality on top of our physical reality. AR technology has been around for many decades. Turing Award-winning Computer Scientist Ivan Sutherland developed the first AR gadget called the Sword of Damocles in the late 60s. Augmented reality service providers are a booming field these days. Numerous start-ups have emerged in India in the past several years innovating in the field of AR Technology. Many engineering institutes have also started including it in their curriculums noticing future demands.

Augmented Reality has started to infiltrate many industries of our society today. Below are given 5 of the most important benefits and applications of Augmented Reality:

  • Gaming: Most of us would remember playing the game Pokémon GO which became massively popular when it came out in 2016. Did you know that catching Pokémon from our physical environment using Pokémon GO is an example of AR? Numerous similar games have emerged since then that employ AR to create an intuitive environment for the users. The Walking Dead: Our World is another AR-based Android Game that has gained traction recently.
  • Location-Based AR Apps: Google Maps is one of the most popular applications of AR today. The app places digital directions on top of the physical world and shows you directions. Google Lens is another location-based AR app that uses Augmented Reality to identify any real-life object and gives you all the essential details about that object. The users do not have the hassle of typing their queries anymore.
  • Business and Marketing: AR has slowly graduated into all business spheres, including online retail, healthcare, education, tourism, real estate, etc. A brand that chooses to use Augmented Reality applications has an upper hand to gain visibility into their businesses. AR thus becomes an essential sales tool since it automatically makes the brand more attractive and upscale. Some of the best providers of augmented reality service in india that utilize AR to boost their business sales are IKEA, Zara, Coca-Cola, Pez, etc.
  • Education: Entrepreneur Florian Radke in his TEDx Talk explains in detail how AR technology will revolutionize education in the future. He further elaborates on how AR can be useful to generate interactive 3D models in the future. Engineering students can learn about various devices and machines of their interests without actually being in their presence used these 3D models.
  • Healthcare: AR when combined with other immersive technologies can have an extensive application in Biotechnology and Healthcare as a whole. Powerful tools are being developed that can redefine disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment. Technologies currently being developed that can even detect Cancer through Image Recognition and can massively help doctors in their patients’ diagnoses.

The above were some major applications and uses of AR that will help shape our future.

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