How To Scan Wifi Barcode And View Wifi Barcode Practical!

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You can find the easiest and most complete way to scan WiFi barcodes for Android phones in this article. Technological developments make it easier to connect networks.

How to scan a WiFi barcode is very easy for you to do, you know! Many Android cellphones have this powerful feature.

This feature can be found on some types of Android phones that already have barcode features on WiFi, you know, gangs. Useful if you want to connect to WiFi for free.

Its functions also vary, we can share connections. Because in the barcode (QR code) there is information that supports us to do this.

In the following, Gizmo Concept has summarized the complete method for scanning a WiFi barcode complete with a number of ways to find out the Android WiFi barcode.

How to Scan WiFi Barcodes and View WiFi Barcodes

You can find this WiFi barcode scanning feature in the latest HP brands as well. Like SamsungXiaomirealme , OPPO, and so on.

In addition, scanning WiFi barcodes is more practical and avoids mistakes than entering the WiFi password manually. As well as being a way to get WiFi for free.

In this article, you will find a number of ways to scan WiFi barcodes. Listen carefully until the end, yes, gang.

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What is QR Code or Barcode

If you are having problems with the network or internet connection, generally people will take more advantage of the WiFi network available in their place.

Not infrequently, many people prefer to use a WiFi connection network because they can be used together. Moreover, now there is a WiFi barcode.

In short, QR Code or WiFi barcode is a matrix code or two-dimensional barcode that comes from the word Quick Response.

The contents of the code can be deciphered quickly and accurately. QR Code was developed by Denso Wave, a Japanese company published in 1994.

When compared to regular barcodes, QR codes tend to be easier to read by scanners and are able to store data both horizontally and vertically.

The way a QR Code or barcode works is by reading some of the components on the code box. The three large squares in each corner represent the code delimiter. The smaller box is useful for measuring the size of the box.

How to Find Android WiFi Barcode

How to see a WiFi barcode on an Android cellphone is quite easy. We only need to tap the WiFi that is currently connected, then open the barcode settings available.

If you are curious about the WiFi barcode that is connected to your Android phone, you can try the following steps:

Step 1 – Not Settings or Settings

Open the Settings application or Settings on your Android phone.

Step 2 – Select the WiFi Menu

Next, tap the WiFi menu in the Settings menu.

Step 3 – Connect to the WiFi Internet

Activate the WiFi button and connect your Android mobile device to the WiFi.

Step 4 – Tap on WiFi Connection Back

Then tap the WiFi name connected to your Android cellphone again, then the barcode will be visible in there.

So, basically this barcode or QR code is generated automatically by the system. However, if you want to make it yourself, you can too.

How to Scan a WiFi Barcode on an Android Phone

You want to try scanning a WiFi barcode on an Android cellphone but are confused about how. You can follow the steps and methods that we provides below.

The reason is how to scan a WiFi barcode is very young. If your Android phone already has a built-in barcode scanner application, then you can directly scan the WiFi barcode, gang.

However, if on your cellphone there is still no barcode scanning or QR scanning application. You just have to install the best scanner application that you want through the Google Play Store.

In the following, we describes and explains the complete way and steps to scan a WiFi barcode using the QR Code Scanner application, gang.

Step 1 – Download and Install QR Code Scanner

On Google Playstore, please install the QR & Barcode Scanner application first.

Step 2 – Open the QR Code Scanner Application

  • Open the QR Code Scanner application that has been installed on your Android phone.
  • Later on the screen will display the camera’s aim to scan a barcode or QR.

Step 3 – Point the QR or Barcode Scanner

Point the QR scanner or barcode at the QR code or WiFi barcode available.

Step 4 – Wait for the Scan Results

Wait for the scan results to be successful and you will find a successful description as well as a request to connect to the WiFi network. You can check the internet speed from the available information.

If the internet network from WiFi is not fast enough, you can also download an application to speed up the WiFi network.

The final word

With this QR code, you can do many things. Starting from being limited to knowing WiFi information, to sharing connections, to connecting applications with other devices.

What do you think about this WiFi barcode scanning technology or WiFi QR Code? Is it effective enough? Share your opinion in the comments column, yes, gang.

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