How Much RAM Do You Really Need For Gaming?

If you are an avid gamer but continually facing a lag while running graphics-intensive games, you must certainly switch to devices with better RAM. Thanks to the ever-evolving specifications, smartphone manufacturers also try to introduce devices with increased RAM capacity as a USP to attract dedicated user bases.

In the face of such frequent upgradation, mid-range buyers searching for the best phone under 30000 often end up with a dilemma regarding the RAM requirement for a lag-free gaming experience. Hence, here are a few aspects explained with respect to the importance of RAM in gaming, specifically within the mid-range smartphone category to enable users to make a better choice.  

Function of RAM during gaming

RAM is an essential hardware component which largely involves the storage capacity of a phone. It is a form of storage which works faster than the regular internal storage capacity of a phone, and facilitates faster processing and fetching of data, while also reducing the loading time. 

In smartphones, RAM allows applications like games to remain optimally loaded and in a ready-to-use condition so that it can operate without any lag and with minimum buffering. 

RAM requirement for gaming – A look

Any gaming enthusiast searching for the best phone under 30000 will certainly look for the RAM and storage capacity that a device comes with. For a better understanding of this storage capacity, devices have been categorised into the following ranges.

Phones with 2GB-3GB RAM

A phone model with 2GB-3GB RAM capacity is highly incapable of supporting games and faces considerable issues even in storing larger applications. It fails to keep the frequently used apps pre-loaded for quick access due to the lack of free storage space with such a limited RAM. Therefore any phone with 2GB-3GB may not be ideal for games involving intensive graphics use.

Phones with 4GB RAM

Some of the best phones under 30000 in the market come with at least 4GB RAM capacity if not more. Thus, such RAM capacity provides considerably free space, allowing the frequently-used applications to be kept loaded for easier access. Further, at least 4GB RAM is an optimal range for supporting games but not ideal, and can lead to lags while rendering inefficient visual graphics.

Phones with 6GB RAM

The 6GB RAM mobile is optimal for ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience. Such capacity also marvellously supports multitasking features and is ideal for avid gamers. 

Also, when complemented with a powerful processor, users will be able to experience impeccable graphics and smoothness in loading and operating high-end games.

Phones with 8GB RAM.

Nowadays, phones are also integrated with a RAM capacity of as much as 8GB and 12GB, with such features essentially found in high-end flagship models. Regular users generally do not require a phone with such high RAM, but such integration certainly makes the devices blazing fast with unimaginably faster loading of high-capacity games.

However, such an increased RAM capacity is not useful if you are not a heavy user as much of the RAM space will remain unused and you will be paying for the excess without actually utilising it.

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