Having The Preparation Sorted Before You Hand Over The Phone To Repair

The smartphones especially the Apple phones are irreplaceable assets that contain our contact details along with social media accounts. It is not possible to think a few hours without your mobile phone, forget a day. But when you have to repair the phone it is necessary to hand it over to a repair my iPhone centre and wait for a couple of days. Do not hand it over to an unauthorized repair shop as there is every chance that the data might be stolen.

Preparation before handing over the iPhone for repairs

 In the present time your smartphone is an asset as you cannot take a chance with it. There is a few steps that you need to take for safeguarding your data and personal information being stolen by another person or repair.

Removal of account and disabling the security locks

There is no denying the fact that a Google account is an important utility these days. It is possible to venture into data back -up, signing into the essential apps and with them secure your apps and data. If you are not removing the accounts there is a strong possibility that the other person might misuse the information. Even before you are handing over the phone disable Google accounts. If there is any type of finger print locks or face looks make sure that you disable them. it is going to be a lot easier for the repair person to continue the work.

Removing the external storage device like the SD card

The SD is a delicate storage device since it contains your documents or photographs. Leaving your SD card in the device might make it prone to misuse or getting lost. It is a big risk to take if you do not know someone personally.

Check out the IMEI number

A IPhone phone repair centre is going to receive multiple phones for repair at the same time. A strong possibility exists that your smart phone might be replaced with the IPhone of someone else. Hence if you note down the IMEI number is a prudent step to avoid your phone getting lost in the process.

Reset the settings and the phone

 Factory reset is the best option to remove all the data from the mobile. For example if you have gone on to remove the social media or Google accounts then it would be stored in the Phone memory. Any individual who has a bad intent can easily misuse that information for their benefit.

Removal of SIM cards

If the phone reaches the wrong hands there is a possibility of misuse. Before you hand over the phone to repair make sure that all the SIM cards are removed. Make sure that you put it in a new phone or keep it in a handy place so that you can locate them easily.

To conclude an Apple phone is your asset and you cannot hand it over to anyone for repair.

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