5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is Necessary For Your Small Business

Social media is effective, cost-friendly, and ubiquitous. Yet, there are some business owners who don’t make it a part of their marketing strategy. This is because most of them think that just because they don’t use social media, their audience is also like them. It is untrue! In fact, you would be surprised to know that 70% of the adults (United States) use Facebook alone. This shows how much potential is there for your business to grow if you start to promote your offerings on the platform. 

5 Reasons Social Media Is Helpful for Your Small Business

Social media platforms today are not just for people to interact with each other. They have become much more than that. Such sites have made it extremely easier for people to find leads. In fact, 90% of marketers have thanked social media for increasing their business exposure. I remember, when I launched my small startup. I subscribed to Spectrum internet and got to designing a social media strategy to boost the online presence of my business and it worked! 

If you think that you don’t need social media to help you with your business then here are five reasons which will make you think that again! 

#1. Social Media Posts Help Drive Traffic 

Don’t undermine the importance of creating social media posts. This can allow people to discover your new content and can even lead them to your website. As a result, your website will start to receive traffic. Also, don’t think that people don’t use social media often. It was reported by the Pew Research Center that people who are 18 – 24 years old most frequently use Instagram and Twitter. So, not making the most of such platforms is equal to a lost opportunity. The posts that you publish will appear in the feeds of people who are interested in the product. This will aid you to gain relevant traffic. 

#2. Boosts SEO of Your Site

Search engine crawlers can easily identify the web pages that are receiving the most traffic and the ones that aren’t. Although your content strategy is what will help you get ranked on Google’s search results, driving traffic to them will make this process much faster. Often times, this can be done simply by resharing the content on social media. It is recommended that you re-share your content at least once a month. This will assist you in gaining more traffic which in turn will impact positively on your site’s ranking. 

#3. Let’s You Understand Your Audience

One way how different social media platforms can prove to be a powerful marketing tool is through the conversations you have with your customer base. You can check out their status updates and can read their tweets. This will gain you an insight into their daily lives and consumer behaviors. It will also let you find answers to important questions such as

  • What products do they buy and why?
  • What kind of posts do they share?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What websites do they like to visit?

These insights can give you marketing benefits. When you have the answer to these questions, you would easily be able to compose better posts which would help you increase the traffic on your website. 

#4. Social Media Ads Allows Targeting & Retargeting 

Social media ads are extremely effective. This is because it allows you to customize your ads according to your needs. For instance, Facebook ads can target customers by factors like age, behavior, industry, education level, and location. Plus, you can use different ad management tools such as HubSpot that will provide you with additional insights about your ad campaigns. You can even get Facebook pixel which can let you know how your ad has affected customer behavior. 

#5. Builds Brand Loyalty

As per the report of Texas Tech University, brands that have active social media profiles will also have more loyal customers. This is easy to understand why. When you are engaging with people on the different social media platforms, you are building both rapport and connection. You are taking time out to deliver something useful, informational, and fun for your followers. It will show the customers how much you value them. They will then start to view you as an entity that has personality, values, and vision. 

Folks at Charter Spectrum know this which is why they are everywhere on social media. Even if you call the Spectrum phone number to talk to their representative regarding an issue, the agent will communicate with you clearly and would try his/her best to resolve the matter. This is one of the reasons why people trust them.


There is no marketing technique or tool that plays a major role in influencing your brand perception other than social media. Through different platforms, you can reach out to taste-makers, thought leaders, and journalists that will not only help you improve your public image but will also aid in increasing your profile. This will ultimately lead to your brand generating more sales.

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