10 Creative Writing Games To Help Your Kids Learn To Write

Writing Games

The ability to write well is critical to your child’s success in life. Writing good writing can help your child develop academically and professionally. In addition, creative writing can be an important treatment for your child to imagine new worlds and express their emotions. Help your child improve their creative writing skills by supporting their creativity, playing word games, and stimulating their imagination with clever writing gestures. Listed below are ten creative writing games that will work for your child;

  1.   Stenographer

 If your child is too young to write and prepare long stories, ask them to tell stories out loud. Write down your child’s ideas and read them later. You can do this with very young children. This is how they learn to speak and combine written words. In this way, older children learn to focus better.

  1.   Fantasy Games

Integrate writing activities into a fantasy game. Your child is probably already playing a lot of interesting, fantastic games. Maybe he imagines being a celebrity or he likes to play “bandit and gendarme”. Find a writing activity that suits your child’s interests and will brighten their creative writing skills. For example:

  1.   Word Game

There are lots of games and toys that can help improve your child’s vocabulary, to become as competent as an expert whom you ask to write my assignment. This will help your child to love words and use different words correctly.

  • ABC Letter game
  • Facial expressions memo
  • Forbidden
  • Play smart – the alphabet
  • Speech witch
  • Word for word
  1.   Vocabulary

It is as important as a writer’s essential tools, such as grammar, punctuation, and so on. The more this vocabulary, the more powerful and effective the writing will be recognized.

  1.   Repetition Game

It is not necessary after learning any of the most important words. For example, when you learn a new word, start using it in your conversation. Every day in conversation or writing, you must add at least one word. As soon as possible after learning a new word, you have to try to repeat it again and again.

  1.   Puzzle Games

Newspaper, magazine or mobile Word Puzzle games are not only fun but also a great way to increase your vocabulary. Creating puzzles with different words sharpens the mental capacity and also plays an important role in strengthening the human character.

  1.   Word Two

If you enjoy playing Scrabble, try the game “Word Two” available from Word Squad. This is a free online game that is played almost like Scrabble. The game is also linked to five different social media sites.

  1.   Comic Books

Book comics are a thing of the past, and it’s time to be up-to-date and try out some book activities that your students will enjoy. These activities will strengthen and improve what your kids are reading. Try something, or try them all. They can be repeated throughout the year.

  1.   Jumble Word

Give them a fun and exciting world of learning games. This is one of the best free word games for children. If you are in love with crushing and jumbling words, just pay for this newly designed word search. All what you will be doing is, just swipe the letter and connect to form words. You don’t have to type a word, as it’s easy and full of fun. Expanding the words, trains the mind, and keeps your mind active.

  1.   Story Writing Contest

This is one of the most commonly used games to play with children to increase the skill of creative writing. However, this game will not increase your research skills as these are very helpful to become an academic writer expert, serving at assignment writing services as professionals. Yet this will increase their writing skills.

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